Friday, December 28, 2012

There is NEVER a Need for a Gun

There is never a need to have a gun, own a gun or use a gun. Guns are used to kill people either accidently, or in fight or rage. Arguments to have guns are self defense, stop mass killings, protection, a right? Is there any? Notice I said self defense in a few ways but they are the same. A person breaks into your house and you have a gun. Are you at risk? No, normally the buglar wants property and will leave. If you confront the buglar, someone will be shot. If no gun is available no one will get shot-you might lose property but life will go on. Rarely are there cases where a person has a gun and uses it in self defense. Normally, there is an altercation, a fight and two people do not talk, they fight and use guns to sovlve the argument and one person gets shot. Is this self defense, no it is a gun fight. Prevent mass killings? Like the armed police at Columbine? Did that help? Having people armed means more people getting shot and normally more innocent people. Imagine someone armed was shooting in the movie theatre in Colorado? More people could have been shot. Are citizens good aim? Are the police? More guns mean more shots and more people being killed or hurt. Guns kill people and that is their purpose. Handguns, Ak-47s and thousands of other guns, the primary purpose is to kill people and there is no good reason to kill. As one that follows Buddhism but I will quote the Bible: "Thou shalt not kill". This quote does not have a comma and say, thou shalt not kill in self defense. It does not say thou shalt not kill to protect yourself, it says thou shall not kill. Period.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Restrict Guns NOW

Guns are part of America and in our Constitution. The second amendment is poorly written and has two parts, talking about a well-regulated militia and the right of people to bear arms. The founders believed the Constitution should be amended, changed and updated to follow the times. There is the elastic clause or necessary and proper and the amending process. both of these allow the Constitution and laws to change and grow in this country. While many of my liberal friends would love to see all guns go away, I believe we need to restrict guns and ammo. Since the shooting at Sandy Hook, there have been over 100 deaths by guns and most are not on the news. Guns have killed firefighters, an 11 year old and 6 year old. Guns are destroying our cities, our rural areas and suburbs. We need to do something and soon. Now is the time to debate, to talk and see what type of nation the US is and what we want to be. Get rid of all semi-automatic and automatic guns. There is no need to have these weapons in our homes. We do not need drums of ammunition hooked up to guns to kill without reloading. We do not need weapons that are only used to kill people, quickly in military fashion. Gun advocates will say this weapon is not military grade or people lie about the gun. Then, look at the advertisement of guns and see what the gun manufacturers say about them. What does the advertisement say? If the ad states the gun is military grade or for police, then the weapon should be banned. We need to buy back guns and have a program to get these guns out of homes. The handgun is killing our children in cities. It is designed to be concealed and it is used to kill people in cities. It causes so much trouble and the only purpose is to kill people. I do not see deer hunters using semiautomatic weapons or handguns. Does this mean the killing will stop? No, it means it will be harder to get a gun to kill someone. It means that mabye one life or more will be saved. In countries, states and cities that have tough gun restrictions, see less killings occur. Saving one life is worth a tougher law on guns.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thank god for taxes

Such a great article. Government employee like firefighters, teachers, police are heroes. This story is heartwarming. It would be awful if it was like the person in Kentucky that watched their house burn down because they did not pay a fire house fee. Firefighting is part of the Commons.

Thank god for taxes

Stop Privatization of the Country

The idea of competition and business can solve our problems in the US is totally false. Business and competition work in private companies like candy, food, toys and other things. To have the benefits of competition the government needs to regulate the market place to make sure there is no market collusion, oligopolies or monopolies. To have the benefits of free enterprise we need lots of small companies competing against each other. The benefit of competition are low prices, better quality and more innovation. One does not get these benefits with market concentration, few large companies and monopolies. Republicans are trying to take the market place to schools, police, military, prisons and the commons. Business will make things worse and cause more issues. In prisons, with the profit motive there will be more people in prison, more people will serve more time. In terms of tickets, if the profit motive is there, there will be more cameras, more tickets, more arrests. Profits will cause more corruption with judges, lawyers, police that will get the incentive to make decisions based upon money, not law. In education, schools will be paid by customers and if a student fails, they will not get paid. It is seen in the University of Phoenix and private schools for degrees. They are diploma factories where people just take a class and get automatic A grade. The courses are easier and easier, if they are hard, they don't get paid. You have hard core sales and lying to get people to sign up for the school. In K--12 the same will happen with more private schools. Teachers will be paid less, decisions made upon profits not education. Education decisions need to have children at the forefront and profit cannot be the central issue. Police have to be public employees. Private police can have more arrests and more issues. If police are paid by private companies, they will be paid less with bonuses for arrests. We need the law followed. Profit cannot dictate law. If police have incentives for arrests, tickets and percentage going to jail, this will be the dominating factor in dealing with people. The Post Office needs to be alive and survive. We cannot get rid of the Post Office and just have FEDEX or UPS. We need the mail delivered to every person, every day no matter where they live. While I understand we have email and the Internet. The Post Office is profitable and has been making money. The Post Office has turned operations around and service is good. Profit is not the issue. Profits are not the goal of Post Office but delivery of mail is the issue. The library, the Military, parks and the commons must be held by the Public. We cannot turn over the Commons to private companies. Private companies and profit have their place. This is not anti capitalism, but that the Commons are for everyone not companies. We must end the privatization of the country. We need to reverse the trend. We need to move forward and help the Commons.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Would Any Republican Vote for Romney?

Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate for President. Most Republicans in the South and areas are regular, lower class working people. Now yes, many are CEO's and business people but the Republicans I know are just regular workers and people. They have nothing in common with Romney and why would they vote for him? It makes no sense what so ever that any working or middle class person would vote for Romeny. 1) Obama is a Christian, Romney is not-Morman is not Christian in any way..might not matter but true 2) Obama had student loans to pay for college-Romney's parents paid all expenses 3) Obama born and raised by single mother and had food stamps and government help-Romney's Dad Executive of AMC Motors and Governor of Michigan 4) Obama's family, wife's family are middle class hard working people with regular jobs and issues-Romney's family never had to worry about money, jobs or income 5) Obama has been in public service helping others as community organizer or in government. Romney has been destroying jobs, outsourcing jobs and making money. 6) Obama pays taxes and files taxes. While rich, Obama has all money in US. Romney has Swiss Bank accounts, Blind Trusts, hidden accounts in the Caymans 7) Obama cares for people and wants to make lives better. He reads letters and has given money to people. Romney's goal is to be President only and will do anything to be President. Why would anyone want to vote for Romney? He does not represent ANYONE but the super rich. He laughs about firing people, he outsources jobs and is proud of it. He will lie about his record, beliefs and feelings. He makes John Kerry look like GW Bush in his rock solid beliefs. Why would any Republican vote for a person that is so out of touch?